02 April 2008

Still ticking

Life is very busy. I'm regretting my plan to get regular amounts of sleep. I'm still not getting things done, and I still got zapped by some kind of crazy thing yesterday. (Lost a whole day to bedroom and bathroom, nothing beyond.)

I can afford myself very little time to knit, but I'm trying to take it when I can. Almost ALMOST finished with the Petrified Wood socks. Started a Pomatomus for my 15 minutes of knitting in the morning and evening. Also cast on some plain jane ribbed socks to replace the Petrified socks in my to-go knitting bag as soon as that last sock is finished.

Zipped up a dream swatch one Saturday for the next day's little bit of Easter flair.

I thought I had a picture of it in the camera, but I guess not. Seems all I captured were these bits of very vintage yarn.

I keep considering a nice dye project for them. That, too will have to keep.

I may be still ticking, but so's the clock. I can't stay to play today.

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