31 January 2008

On Avoiding Identical Socks

Elfine Socks are done. The cuffs look a little floppy here, but that's really because I haven't bothered to block the socks for photo styling. When I finished them last night (one day before my deadline!) I tried them on and was content.

Since sock knitting can be both peaceable activity and learning adventure, I share with you things you can do to permit even the most matchy-matchy socks from becoming completely identical.

1. Sigh over the holes left at the end of the short-row wraps on the first sock. Do nothing about them, but consider stitching them up later if they continue to offend. Knit the second sock and solve the problem in that one altogether.

2. Realize mid wrap-session that the strategies for wrestling with double wraps have distracted you from the concept of doing them consistently. Sigh over this in the first sock but avoid frogging back, as these are going to live inside shoes most of the time. On the second sock, pay attention and earn consistently directional wraps.

3. Forget to use the matching dyed and spun reinforcement yarn in the second toe. Remember when you get to the heel, sigh, and look forward to the science experiment of comparing toe wear.

4. Move on to a hat from stash.

5. Cast on the toe of a new pair of socks.

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