12 February 2007

Unspoken Thoughts

Evidence is clear I'm not a prolific blogger. I get to hear the sound of my own voice too much as it is, so I think about posts but edit them down to nothing. I think of Bernard Shaw, who quipped to a chatty socialite, "My dear woman, do you have no unspoken thoughts?"

Do not get me wrong. I LOVE READING and VIEWING the knitting blogs and their kindred blogs, just as I've always loved reading and perusing knitting and quilting books. I ADORE the sounds of so many interesting voices. The creativity, the simplicity, the chaos, the life stories, the struggles, and the wisdom - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

I've been an uninteresting read, though. I've had lots of small d - drama to contend with, and I've not had much I thought was worth sharing. Better the unspoken thought. Even if I've been knitting, it's been none too glamorous - a cat bed, a dish cloth, a scarf - and I've just been too focused elsewhere to be bothered about pictures. And the drama - small d - has been part of a very, very busy winter. Fortunately, perspective is learned from many sources. Knittyheads and knitbloggers have given me untold calm.

So for the inspiring-on-many-levels knitbloggers and knittyheads, I give you an early Valentine's Day thought, then, published and spoken:

Thanks. LOVE YOUR WORK. Thanks for sharing your words, work, and wisdom.

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Lisa P said...

I edit my posts like mad too. I think that part of that is being a knitter. We go back constantly, counting rows, stitches, etc. How could we expect not to do the same thing with our blogs? :P