26 September 2006

Insert Pathetic Whine Here

I'm having one of those days. Maybe you've had one? Where everything that runs across your path simply points to twenty billion more things you should have done and have to do, and the phrase whattaloser comes into your head more than you'd like but it's all self directed? Failure day.

That's today in my sandbox.

Maybe the problem is I'm only looking at the day's equivalent of those teensy little offwhite stitches that look like a tension flaw. Even though I know they'll even out in the blocking (and with tweaking), this day is like the kind of knitting day where you can't see Oh COOL, look at the forearm of the sweater. Cool. I did that.

Wish I could have seen the day like I can see the sleeve. Here's to maybe, someday, learning more from my knitting.


Chris said...

Wisdom there, to be sure.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I think it's a great forearm of a sleeve. And those white stitches really will settle in to their proper place when it's all washed and blocked.

The things I don't take care of would overwhelm me if I looked too long. I try to focus on the stuff that needs attention today and let the rest settle out in time.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely! It really is.
By the way, there should be some cheap cheer in your email inbox!
Hope you're enjoing your evening.

-Your CASP!

kt said...

Here's to blocking and the multitude of things it sorts out.

Take a big deep breath.

Now another.

Ok! Don't let the unfinished stuff get you down. There's always tomorrow. Or next week. Now go knit and relax and enjoyt the weekend.