29 April 2005

Hasty knitting updates - the point of the whole thing, after all!

Bach 107 is a lingerer, hanging in a plastic grocery bag, reminding me with every pass down the hall that I have yet to weave in the last two ends & a couple strays, wash it, solve photo-documenting, and mail it to the happy parents & child.

Hallowig 1 of 2 is into the bangs and nearing the decreases. It has become a hobo affair - three long dark green dpns and a bamboo circ with red and green plastic markers and a pretty leafy marker from lippysyd - all tucked into bright yellow acrylic I found in the shop. I have three days for wanting them done. I have one week to BE done. Costumes! The actors are excited for knitted helmet hair.

Delayed the Hallowigs because I whipped up a XXXXXXX for la SP. Needs grafting. I may wait now until the Hallowigs are done.

Bach Socks (I forgot the cantata # again!) are nearing the first heel. Deferring now to wig and sp finishing.

Thinking digital camera ... letting go.... thinking camera ... Like Scarlett, I'll think about that tomorrow.

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