11 April 2005

Bach 107, cantata and stash eater

I’ve just about finished Bach 107, the baby blanket which will have eaten up just about the full complement of acrylic baby yarns in the stacked stash.
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Knit into the afghan are several skeins of 15-18 year old red heart baby yarn (purchased for one of two cousins who are in high school and college, respectively), and the leftovers from baby sweaters, dresses, and a hat long ago made and gifted. I carried two strands, changing single strands periodically to give a heathery look to the random striping. Image hosted by Photobucket.comI had once thought to begin and end with the same color strands, but I’ve given it up. I will be done with the end of the yarn. Two inches to go, I’d estimate. I'm no longer carting it around, so all work is done late at night. Bets are on - one night left? or three?