11 October 2013

Who Hoppen?

That was how my grandpa would say it.

What Happened Here? What Happened to You? It's Not A Big Crisis, Really, right?   All summed up in Who Hoppen.

Not writing on the blog for over a month? Not A Big Crisis, Really.  Colleagues and friends are having some real crises lately, so it's hard to find much wrong in just being tired at the end of a week. 

I've been living by lists, so here are some samples of evidence that life has progressed Chez Textiles with Not Much Crisis:

1. That I am sitting at my desk on dinner break, getting ready to go into an evening of work on a day that started work at 9:00, on a Friday at that, and in a sentence this long?   Proof I'm working hard.   (I have work I like, in the main.  Not too shabby.)

2. That I am sitting at my desk on dinner break, having polished off the rest of salad left from lunch, moving on to last of the leek and roasted veggie leftover soup I made Saturday, sparing you the list of all the veggies I ate today, (morning noon and night)? Proof I continue to tackle the weekly CSA box of vegetables.

3. That I tried on accidentally a pair of pants I should have pitched some time ago for lack of fitting, and that the pants could actually meet (although with force) at the waist, and that this was heretofore NOT happening at ALL? Proof I am eating really quite healthily with this CSA OMG TOO MANY VEGETABLES plan.  (Meanwhile, the pants weren't quite comfortable.  I'll check back in with them in a month.)

4. That I managed to talk myself out of just calling Jimmy John's and finishing some of this week's packed dinner and lunch supply in the work fridge, having yet a choice of broccoli slaw or red cabbage, grated carrot and roasted beets salad for my third course, if I want it? Proof I am enjoying my cooking adventures. They just have to start, feature, and finish vegetables. Also proof that the aforementioned pair of pants are inspiration.  Gives one hope and stamina.

5. That I have neglected my knitting but had a costume non-drama with the last production - done on time, no late nights? Proof I am REALLY working at being extra productive and efficient, and I'm enjoying some of the payoff.   Because face it, I'm not really as productive and efficient as I want to be, but I need to shush the monkey on my back.

6. That I have cider, both fresh apple and bottled alcoholic kinds, in the fridge at home for some actual weekend time not AT work? Proof I am still TRYING to keep from going nuts, and I have plans to weekend.

7. That I have sewing stacked up at home, several projects deep, and this doesn't bother me at all because when I hit the weekend I make PROGRESS on them? Proof I don't really think working on sewing and knitting projects as a way of taking a break is TOO nuts.   Especially because I'm making PROGRESS.

8. That I finished another sewing project - quilted table runner, though it is large enough to be considered on steroids? I'm moving stash AND UFO's.

So that's life from the No Big Crisis perspective.  The crap at work and the sighs about family stuff can't come out to play.  When Grandpa asked "Who Hoppen?" in that silly gruff voice with a fake furrowed brow over the twinkle in the eye, we girls would giggle in spite of ourselves. 

Dinner break is over.  
Happy to have work I like.  
Happy to be well-fed.  
Happy I get to sleep in a little tomorrow.

Hope your weekend has some simple pleasures and No Big Crisis.

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Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I'm ok, you're ok.
I'm okay; you're okay.
I'm okay. You're okay.
I'm otay, you're otay.

So many choices; so little consistency.

So many choices, so . . . aw, hell