08 July 2013

Anniversary FO

My mom gave me a number of my grandmother's UFO's.  Among them was a repair project.  At their wedding, my aunt and uncle had received an afghan made by the groom's sister.  Years of good use and little boys toes and perhaps a couple outdoor cats napping inside in the winter window sun had resulted in some damaged squares.

My grandmother had the afghan to see if the rest of the squares could be resewn into a lap throw.  The mission moved on to me.  No rush, my mother said.  

This past week I realized there was a 35th  anniversary to mark.  Well.

Five damaged squares removed.  An end row removed for reconfiguring.  Some border crochet undone at one end.

Voila.  Three days.  

It's anniversary day, and it's going in the mail.

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