24 August 2012

Friday's Salad

When you are away from your kitchen for most of several weeks, going to the farmer's market feels like Christmas Morning. I might have over purchased local produce, just a touch. And I went to Stanley's Fruit & Veg Market the next day for some not-as-local produce and some yummy local bread. There have been yummy tomato sandwiches on toast. Some good sandwiches. Scrambled eggs with onions, mushroom and swiss chard. Pickled four pints of dilled green beans and blanched the remaining beans for some salad with red onion. Today's salad was BRILLIANT. I will do this again. I was worried I didn't have much time, so everything was large and fast: Friday's Salad: One avocado, coarsely chopped. One small lemon, the juice of. One red bell pepper, big pieces Half an ear of corn, leftover and off the cob three big green leaves of basil, rolled and cut up a drizzle of olive oil a splash of rice vinegar sea salt coarse black pepper And because I didn't have time to chop up onion so I chucked in a couple kalamata olives and a couple pickled onions. OMG. None to share, sorry. Ate it ALL. Can't go to the farmers market tomorrow if I have too much produce in the house. Berries and peach for breakfast. Cherries for my snack. Must be in need of some swiss chard for dinner. Ooh. And maybe a frittata for the morning. I love my farmers market.

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