05 July 2011

Great towering cat blankets!

My mother and I compared notes about what we did on the 4th. "My usual," she said. She cleaned and did laundry, preparing for her sister's visit today.

I did much the same, though my company is further down the road. I continued my summer project of cleaning out the Andy Warhol boxes from various stories and stages. Filled up bags of paper recycling, found - at last! - the missing box of denim scraps. Washed up a bunch of fabric and sorted vintage sewing supplies, putting some in the freezer for quarantine, some into bags to donate to the shop, and the rest of it into the right places on the sewing shelves.

I gave myself a break by tackling the towel and sheet shelves of the closet. This extended to purging and tidying the storage of other household textiles in other closets, tubs, and bags. Packed up a bag for the Animal Care League. Towels are topped by a stack of 8 quick little cat quilts - pillow cases with stitched-in folded quarters of old mattress pads. None of the materials would have been suited for thrift, and it took no time at all to whomp them together.

Time to go drop them off at the shelter.

I know. None of this is particularly sexy blog posting. Still, the amusement of it all is keeping me on track.

Wonder what I want to get done tonight....?

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