10 March 2011

Not to Decide is To Decide

I am working on gloves for my nephew but stopped on finger the second because I'm disatisfied. Can't decide my next step.

So I have a needle case of needles and four skeins of yarn, two unwound hanks of stash yarn for a pair of colorwork skeins, a cake of yarn long in the stash, and another cake of yarn I had wound up in the store because I was going to knit it THAT DAY. In October.

So I'm starting everything. Swatching. Starting. I have several days coming up where I have to arrive early and then sit and wait, so I want plenty of knitting options.

I decided I want to have several small knitting projects going right now so I'll have knitting to do when I can't decide what to do about one of them.

Socks, mini shawl, and more socks. And all for me, because that, I decided, was due.

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