21 February 2011

This is where ultimatums lead.

Sure, I'm done counting. BIG TALK.
Never slap down ultimatums, I say.

I did have one more thing to toss into my list. I have a great birthday tradition.

On many of my recent birthdays I've been able to see a really good play. It's usually a really dark play. Uncle Vanya. A really dark Little Eyolf - seen in London, even. This pleases me.

This year I was even treated to the play.
I went to Steppenwolf to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Chris Jones says this. Sometimes I think he's too fussy, but he gets to be. It's his job. It's still a treat for me. Even if it is part of my job.

I liked the play even more than Mr. Jones did. I heard Amy Morton's Martha and Tracy Lett's George say things I'd forgotten and find notes I'd never heard before, and I love the play.

Okay. 18. I fibbed. and 19. LOVELY dinner with great people before the play.

What's a line in the sand worth if you don't sometimes push it?

1 comment:

julia1060 said...

I love Amy Morton!
And, happy belated BD.
I'm a naughty friend, yet I still adore you.