02 November 2009

Keeping up

Things I can't keep up drift away. Things I won't keep up are sometimes lifestyle and sometimes casualties. Things I should keep up? Oy.

Mostly, I'm not keeping up.

Keeping up appearances --
I don't, much. Could improve, but the reasons would not be for sake of appearance.

Keeping up with work demands --
Sometimes I wonder who does, really. You get some things done, and you make progress on others. I got a couple things done today. That list should be longer.

Keeping up the home --
Yurgh. In one weekend, a weekend in which I was at work twice, I managed three loads of laundry, some desk and table clutter clearing, and a little food-prep for a week of packing along all my meals to work. Gah. Bah.

Keeping up with the Joneses --
More distant than the appearance issue, mostly.

Keep your chin up --
Trying to support others who are trying, trying to model the tactic myself.
Having a hard time.

I'm certainly not keeping up with the blogging. I manage only to peer at blogs and knitty and ravelry. I'm knitting a second of the pile of hats I really wanted to crank out.

And I'm not ready for my evening of work. I'm going to do that now. I just wanted to feel like I could use a few minutes of the week to keep up something purely for myself.

Someone else would probably opt for the pedicure.


Marcy said...

I don't think it's possible to keep up. Appearances and Joneses are the first things to go for me, too.
As for the home...if I were working full time permanently I would hire laundry or housecleaning help. My mom used to take our laundry out. Do you have it in your budget?
Those free moments for knitting are so much more fulfilling than a pedicure...especially in winter when nobody is looking at our feet.

jpknits said...

Funny you should mention laundry. I stayed after rehearsal tonight to run a load for myself in the shop.

Batty said...

My plan was to finish laundry tonight, then not work at all over the weekend. It's probably not going to happen, but it's liberating when you give yourself permission not to come up with a checklist, then worry about your progress. You'll be surprised how much still gets done even when you don't.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I've got to stop opting for the chocolate. I keep up less than you. Don't worry about it. Chin up.