27 February 2008

A knitter stumbles

I sent an email this evening:

This is impossibly silly, but you do have the context, as it was discussed at large at ____________.

I gave myself a 12 month knitting challenge. I am two days away from the end of my second month deadline, and I won't meet it. The rules of the "challenge" were that I must somehow dispose of the project, a thing I doubt I could ever do. I altered the rule for myself to mean that I must give away an equivalency of yarn.

I just can't face pretending that I'll do nothing but knit an entire sock in the next two days. That'd be fine for a weekend, but not these next two days nor even this particular weekend ahead. A self-driven challenge is a challenge all the same.

You mentioned that you were learning to knit. Would you like to be the somewhat random recipient of some yarn? What colors are your preferred colors? Would wools be okay? Should it be sock yarn or can it be any yarn?

Sometimes you have to be clear about deadlines. I don't need two days of self-imposed knitting anxiety. The challenge was to move the yarn along, one way or another. I'll move the sock along, but as Elizabeth pointed out in the comments some time back, I couldn't just abandon a project I was enjoying just because of a silly challenge deadline. The real stash challenges for me were to get yarn moving and to try to perhaps move a few things out.

Meanwhile, I sent along a little mohair with sparkle to another knitty. The zip bag fell on my head from its shelf, so I looked around Ravelry until I found someone who'd liked using the yarn and had commented that it was no longer available. I decided the yarn had just made itself available to her, so off it has gone in the post.

There are extra reasons (beyond life & work) why I haven't made it into the second sock. I'm at the last stitching for the Drops sweater. I've also been making headway on the afghan my grandmother had been making for my aunt and uncle. My mother asked me if I'd mind finishing it on behalf of my grandmother.

It's a family thing.
I don't mind at all.

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