14 December 2007

I might finish the Tuscany

I might finish that shawl within the week. It's getting close enough to the end of the yarn that I'm obsessing. I can see the end.

Had to put it away, though.

Must. Read. Papers. Grade.

I might finish grading. This is, sadly, harder to envision.
Truth is, it's an actual deadline, so I might as well get back to it.

I might already be a loser.


Next week: knitting and baking and holiday activities interspersed with what passes for reasonably-sized amounts of work!

I might actually have content for posting!

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Elizabeth said...

When both my parents were teaching my mom just hated being pressured to get ready for Christmas. The whole end-of-the-semester crunch and the whole family-descending crunch, plus the G_d-D@mned tree and everything else. She finally said, "No More. Don't come. Don't shop. Don't send. We're done." And they both retired from teaching, too. Now it's just the snow.

Can't wait to see what you've been working on.