16 November 2006

Fetching Tapestry

While away from blogging, I knit a pair of mitts. Fetching, from Knitty. The yarn is Rowan's Tapestry, a soy/wool blend. Must admit that this was late summer already. Was thinking about making them for ssarahevt, my knittyboard secret pal, but I decided I wasn't content with them. I sent her a ball of the same yarn, in her preferred colorway, actually, so she might enjoy the knitting process. These are from the same ball. Isn't it interesting how the color changes have worked up? The yarn is rather like Noro - the color changes are spun in.


Batty said...

Your fetchings are gorgeous. I really like the way the colors kind of flow into one another, it'll look like you have a sunrise on your hands.

Chris said...

Those are lovely!! This is the first time I've seen that yarn knit up.