09 May 2005

My Very Special SP - Knitty SP4

I left for the day and tripped in the alley, tearing out the knees of the khakis, breaking a jar of soup, and spilling several contents of containers that should have been closed. I cursed, picked up major glass, tossed the remainder of the lunch, limped home, went BACK to check for more "my purse was OPEN when I fell?" debris, found the $20 which had escaped and been run over by the garbage truck, called in late, cleaned up, tended wounds, changed, and tried again to leave. Where are the silliest video cameras wherein we can cash in on dismally silly life moments when we need them?!?

My day is ending MUCH MUCH better. I'm about to leave work like real people do. I checked my mail to find a PACKAGE from my SP. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
There are beautiful jewels of yarn - some even wound, all ready for play. (If I solve camera this week, there shall be pictures.) There is an 8 sided box of Ibarra Mexican chocolate. And, perfect for ending a day which started with fall-down-go-boom, two therapeutic bath bombs, one of which will be exploding in a bath near me this very night.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The yarn is dead gorgeous. Each feels luxurious, the colors are GORGEOUS, and I've not paid enough LYS attention to have seen the Classic Elite Beatrice! What a jewel!

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