23 March 2014

Lost or Found

I used to lose a lot of things when I was a little girl.  I left stuff in buses, lost track of things, etc.  We knew the way to the local CTA lost and found.  

So I have tried as an adult to be pretty calm about losing stuff. I am not always successful.  Because I lose things amidst "stuff," I try to be better organized.  I try different strategies for routine.  I still lose stuff and I still fret.  Fretting has use - I do work on finding some of these lost things.  

Losing knitting?  I've lost three scarves in the past dozen years.  I've wished them well and have moved on.  I lost three knit socks in the laundry this winter. This is rough, particularly since the singletons don't make up a good fraternal pair amongst them.

I also seem to have lost time for knitting.  

Okay, that's false.  That's cousins to "Wow, you knit?  I wish I had time for that.". Better to say I lost my focus.  Or knitting mojo, as the cool kids put it.

But good news.  I've been working at getting rid of stuff.  I have used some of that knitting time for a nearly regular Sunday sewing routine this late winter. The knitting mojo is creeping back in, just as spring arrives.

This is ye olde honey cowl - using some 8 year old stash.  It will be a gift, so it will move out of here and open up one teeny tiny bit of space - a couple successes in one.

Working on things found.  Working too on letting go.

16 March 2014

Beware Yesterday

Ides of March.  

Snow Again.

New Hat.

08 March 2014

What Matters

Weeks can be a perplexing jumble.  This was one.  (Uh oh.  This didn't post correctly last week.  Retry)

Colleagues at work, waiting for tenure promotion news learned answers that prompted congratulations here and sympathetic condolence there.  Those are their stories, not mine, but it's reflective of the emotional highs and lows that seem to be sweeping that community.  

I'm really focusing on the immediate work, because of that larger swirl of energy in my work community.  Loving student engagement now, in all sort of ways.  Only occasionally playing Dorothy Parker (if you can't say anything nice....) in the larger workplace, but needing to avoid really plunging into the work or the angst of the larger politics and structural thing.

And then I spent an excellent day observing in a high school.  And I spent a fortune on car repairs (combo of cyclical maintenance, needed headlight, and an under the car whack from wintry pothole/ice/something that left a sound like whirling screws in a blender.

And then.  Call from mother, slipped on ice, broken wrist.  She was one of over a hundred such ice-provoked falls/breaks in the emergency room that day.

And then.  Had finally gotten to mail room to pick up package of generous gifting from the Stash and Burn podcast folks and their year long knit along of a Use it or Lose it variety.

Beautiful Peacock colored hand dyed yarn from Baah!  - 400 yards of it.  May be too lovely for socks.  I spy neckwear.

And Nicole made a project bag to go with it.  And there's a cute podcast logo button.  And an excellent looking circular needle, size three, super lightweight.  And a sample of Eucalan Wrapture.

So.  (I break all the grammar rules.). It has been a week, what?  

What matters is being thankful.  

My mom will have surgery but didn't break hip or head.  Her spirits are good.  (ETA- later prognosis, no surgery!! Yay!)

Jobs are good, and enjoying the core of the work makes it better.  Most grateful.  (Being able to pay for the car repair also fortunate.)

Extra direct thanks to the Stash and Burn podcast hosts and to their splendid vendors. ( I will come back to this to fix links to things when I can. ) ( triple thanks apologies.  This should have been posted over week ago.  Oh technology!)