23 October 2012

The Cat and the Cobra

Yesterday's rude awakening included a yoga moment I which I may have found a new degree of old and out of shape. My face-up dog failed, and I came near to pulling something in the groin. What?!? Did I mention that my yoga practice had taken too long a vacation. Horrible behavior.

So today, cobra practice, to ease back in.

The cat decided I was there to give him head butting. When I stopped he followed me everywhere, complaining I had stopped too soon.

Meet my yoga coach. Every day, he says. Every evening.

I have permission to hit the shower, he says.

16 October 2012

Successful Keeping

I found the pattern in the right place.
I had green wool, purchased in Maine years ago, for mittens, even.
I DID record the needle size I had used - and on the blog, no less.

My uncle placed a request for a second pair. Green.

When I am not crazy busy with the hurly-burly of my work year, I am steadily working at keeping less stuff. In this case, I kept the right stuff, found it, and will now get it moved on. Twice the win.

I should hurry. It already snowed up north.

09 October 2012

Tools for Remembering

I keep putting this scarf down and forgetting what row I was on. It's only a 12 row repeat, but I have not yet committed to to memory. Perhaps the pattern of putting it down for weeks and months contributes, nu?

I remembered this fancy and simple little tool. Six links and twelve alternating rows on straight needles make a happy match. Happy to remember knitting knitty board friend thomasina, too.

Online time is mostly work time, so not forgetting blog or rav or knitty or knitting friends .... Just busy with everything else remembered and tackle or yet to do.

Not to busy to say once again: Congrats to mittenfarce on the JOB!!