26 October 2010

Promises, Promises

I'm swamped. I'm not knitting.

I promise myself to be able to knit in November.

I'm not rescheduling my haircut, the one I had to cancel, until November. I should make the new appointment, I suppose, so as to give myself the promise of a haircut.

I'm that swamped.

I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I promise.

No drama. Except for the theatre parts.

04 October 2010

Meanwhile this summer

Second sock. Bus in Los Angeles.

I took a series of photos which require story telling. Another day.

After all, the world might implode if I get three postings in on one day.

Spring is neither February nor July

Thanks for the kind words about the scarf glimpse I posted the other day.

I am a bit over tired.

Turns out I didn't knit this in the spring at all, as I guessed in making my last post.

Turns out I did actually finish knitting in the winter, and the blocking happened in the summer, with shipping just into fall.

No spring about it.

The yarn is Ancient Threads Tri - dyed with natural dyes, which in this case is a logwood purple. Mostly soft brown, taupe colors, hinting toward purple.

The pattern is Luscious Lace Scarf. While available on Ravelry, I thought it might be appropriate to direct you to the pattern creator's blog.

Please disregard the green tint across the photos. Or better yet, witness the magic of color theory as displayed by phone photos and shadows on a rainy day. At least, I think it was cloudy.

Who knows. I also thought it was spring.

01 October 2010

Last Spring's Knitting

(Interesting greenish band. Must have been something about the phone camera and the shadow of the windowsill.... The original does not have the greenish swath.)