06 May 2010

Done and Done!

This was a good time to be knitting only one thing.

It was good to focus on the sock made to specs, a sock without a particular pattern. I learned I needed to write things down.

I've learned I can take photos on the phone on the train and post them - though not yet directly to the blog. That'll be next.

I'm sure I learned other things, but for right now I'll just be done.

04 May 2010

Threes aren't always charming

Honestly I will have knit three socks in the end.

Twice round on the heel flap. Got to the turning and realized I'd done a slip knit slip across the flap, whereas the first was knit slip knit. Heel turning didn't look the same. I knew it was subtle and I knew it was under the heel. Still I ripped back.

Got through the second gusset and realized it was short. The heel flap was short, I'd picked up fewer stitches. It was more prononced than the aforementioned sins of the heel. Ripped back.

Almost done with the gusset. I hope to see my way cleanly through to the end. The intended wearer has a smaller foot than I, so that should go quickly. And I have already done the third major do and redo, way back at the multiple starts on the first sock.

My, but it's a good thing I am trying to focus on just one thing. I'd have a lot more trouble if I were juggling multiple knitting at the moment.