07 April 2007

While I was out ...

I did some non-confrontational knitting during my spring break / virus break.

One down, one to go. The next has stripes and a flap.

Then comes the fulling party.

Cold enough for Calorimetry

It's not my fault, really. A few weeks ago when I was home and sick, I did get a bit of knitting done. Of course, it wasn't cold enough to plan on wearing it much this season.
Turns out I was wrong. Brrr. Colder than it was in December.

03 April 2007

"A Fool in April" or "Not Stash"

I can't stop long enough to flash stash.
Howe'er, I take a moment to retrieve pics from last year's flash to declare some NON STASH:
Behold a glove for the Knit-a-blog, two pair of fuzzy feet and....

Steel Penny, a Bad Penny meets Picovili garment;

A pair of socks, currently in the dirty clothes hamper;

And with the end of the Ombre, two kitti pi cat beds, currently the alternate retreats of one declining senior kitty.

I'd finesse this post with links to the garments and to last year's flash, if I could. I can't now, so I won't. Sorry. Must flee.