23 December 2014

Day Off

For a change, I am not scrambling for holidays, though I do want to get these in the mail. I am having a Day Off.

I am finishing projects and making progress on a hat.

I am eating food that's in the fridge, doing a little laundry. Trying not to go to the grocery store or to do my every other year whack of over-the-top baking. I may have to figure out a recipient for produce I don't want to spoil when I head out of town. Anyone want some squash?

I am swatching for a test knit. That's pretty exciting to be able to work on a creative project that is led by someone else.

I am making travel plans. Suitcases are out, lists are being made, completed and compiled. big adventures ahead!

Yesterday I put in a nice volunteer day at church, decorating, steaming textiles. Today I am home in my pajamas. Orange peels and cloves are simmering in a pot in the stove. I am exactly where I need to be for a Very Good Day Off.

My New Multitask Tool

So much happier making these pompons than I was using the Inox tool.

Kitchen utensils are swell.